So what is this honeymail.net?

Honeymail.net is nothing more than a simple tool for security/privacy aware people, to help in tracking who leaked, lost, sold or in any other way “shared” your email address with a 3rd-party.

Some people add random bits to their email (like user+knitting_forum@domain.tld), so they can manually track unauthorised use of their contact details. Sadly, many web applications don’t like that approach - they say ‘+’ is not a valid character in email. We can argue if it is or is not, but fact is a fact, they don’t like it. Additionally, if someone buys/steals e-mail database, they can trivially filter those additions out, leaving them with clean email. That means all your ‘leak tracking’ is gone - you will get more spam and won’t be able to attribute it to any source.

Proposed solution

Simple e-mail forwarding service, that provides users with clean, random email addresses (no ‘+’ or similar things) that should be used only for one particular purpose and not re-used again and again… The system should also alert user if messages come from different sources than expected, so you don’t have to remember it or maintain the list yourself.

This is exactly what honeymail.net does :-)

What next?

For project updates please see the News page. You can also follow @HoneymailNet on Twitter, so you know when something interesting happens.